Monthly Archives: January 2019

3D in Blender #4 – Material Basics (Smooth)

Krabi Since i’m not doing animation, i’m going to use the default bottom panel to host the texture system. In the bottom window swap it to be the Shader Editor. In the Materials Tab on the right, select ‘Use Nodes’ Most of my reading indicates that most basic smooth materials are going to be partially Glossy […]

3D in Blender #3 – Lathing an SVG Curve using a Bevel First things first – We need to import a Curve from Illustrator. In this case though, we’re importing a glass half full, because the rotation method will be filling in the other half. This method was shown to me by En. Thanks En, I was tearing my hear out. I followed a number of methods […]

3D in Blender #2 – Extrusion and Parenting

I’ve created an Illustrator Document that is 3m wide and 3m high. My plan, ultimately, is to be creating modular parts of a city scape, and 3m is to be the default unit: it’s roughly the hight of a floor in a regular building, and it divides and multiplies easily. Each layer is going to […]

3d in Blender #1 – Importing SVG and Getting Started

Khed Brahma The UI in Blender 2.8 is undoubtedly an improvement on previous editions which I found pretty impenetrable but that, along with the fact that a lot of it is done by keyboard shortcuts, means that we’re going to be a bit lacking when it comes to video support for a while. However I will link […]