Asteroid Belter

The Newcastle Science Comic

As part of the British Science Festival in September 2013

I’m immensely proud to have been both a contributor to and a part of the development of the Newcastle Science Comic where I was co-editor of the comic a a whole, and also a page editor for a good number of the pages within. I looked after the production site of the comic.

The Newcastle Science Comic was originally published as a run of 10,000 44 page newspapers given away free during the  British Science Festival in September 2013 – it was printed by the excellent Newspaper Club.

The comic is available to read online in full at the Newcastle Science Comic website. The Newcastle Science project is still active, and new projects and activities are being organised by Editor in Chief Lydia Wysocki.

Those pages where I contributed creatively were:

Cipher Mice versus Spy Cat

Writer and Artist: Paul Thompson


The Amazing Three Parent Monkey

Story: Alexi Conman, Art: Tony Hitchman,
Colours/Letters: Paul Thompson, Science: Sourima Shivhare


Astoundishing Science

Story and Art: Oscillating Brow,
Colours and Letters: Paul Thompson


I also worked  on the two puzzle pages: with Oscillating Brow on the Science Courier Collection Conundrum and with Terry Wiley on the Asteroid Belter Brain Melter, and put together the credits double page spread at the end.

Go read it: Newcastle Science Comic