Boltzmann’s Eye

Tales of the Hollow Earth #1

Written and drawn by Paul Thompson.

Astrid Moriarty arrives in Novalucia with a collection of cameras that can photograph things that are not there.



Noir, surreal and funny, Tales of the Hollow Earth is now in its third issue out of an planned five, and has been described by noted
lunatic Ian Mayor as being: “…like Edgar Allan Poe and Kafka discussing Doctor Who in a teak lift” .

One of the overarching themes is accidentally finding meaning where there may not be any – folks just can’t help it. It has also been described as “Bureaucracy Punk”.

A 20 page comic with subdued colour and now includes Lure, a backup strip which was originally created for A4 Comics (created and edited by Daniel Clifford (Sugar Glider, Art Heroes) and features extremely aggressive seafood in a part of town with viral cartography.

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