Quartet – A Team of Four

Step One: In order to look into how teams of fours are structured in fiction, I asked Twitter and Facebook to provide me with examples of teams of four. They delivered, so now I have 49 teams of four. The teams can be viewed in the following Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VYm5tr2FP91_X5MCMlwoxOzEFcLwG8_VAAZ55IQWMHk/edit?usp=sharing Step Two: Using optimal sort,… Continue reading Quartet – A Team of Four

Pico 8 and The Legend of Dracenstein

I made a game on the excellent Pico 8. I very much recommend giving Pico 8 a go. It was called ‘The Legend of Dracenstein‘. I’m really pleased with how it came out and I’ve found Pico8 excellent to use: as a result I think it’s the first of many games I’ve started making that… Continue reading Pico 8 and The Legend of Dracenstein

Game Over

The game may be over… …but do we know who won? As the members of the excellent Newcastle Playtest group will know, my preference is for games that do not require a counting of things and adding up of points after it has ended. Adding up the Victory Points is a very well used mechanic in modern… Continue reading Game Over