Making …and that

The Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology specifically made to celebrate the Maker Faire and launch at Maker Fire 2016, my comic outlines, in a vague sort of way, some ideas about making Websites Good… (and how they relate to making Comics Good, with specific emphasis on getting it done rather than right) …an area in which I have more expertise than I can ever be bothered to apply to my own projects. The result is a bit hap hazard, but I was trying to get away from things that try to hard with the rendering in favour of getting the ideas down.

Aside: I’ve been thinking about the cult of User-Centred (and Data-Driven) Design a lot recently, and while I get that if you’re actually building a web application to enable people to pay their taxes you want to remove all possible friction, but a lot of the conference cultists seem to completely miss the value of self expression, exploration and evoking curiosity.

Design can be influenced by many Sciences, but it can also be influenced by Art.


Also, I put together the Cover, based on interior strips and an Ikea Catalogue.