Robohunter : The Best Man


The Best Man

by Paul Thompson and Cuttlefish

A comic strip I wrote and that Cuttlefish Comics drew for Zarjaz 17. I’ve always liked Sam Slade. A very cynical and mercenary character with far too many character flaws: On a good day, he can just about scrape through as a lovable rogue in the Han Solo mould.


This story was originally constructed as a screen play for two characters waking up in their apartment but ended up having so many badly abused props it fell quite naturally into this world. We’re very pleased to have been considered worthy of being the cover story – and the cover in question is by the very excellent Nigel Dobbyn. It was edited, lettered and generally made ship shape by Bolt-01 and is available now from the FutureQuake website.

Robohunter - The Best Man