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  • Two Titans – Terry Wiley and Craig Puranen Wilson

    Two Titans – Terry Wiley and Craig Puranen Wilson

    Going to start 2019 by remembering my friends Terry Wiley and Craig Puranen Wilson. Newcastle lost two creative and cultural titans last year. Craig Puranen Wilson   Terry Wiley  

  • Summer 2018 Events (May to August)

    Summer 2018 Events (May to August)

    Sunday 12th August: Paper Jam Comics Collective: Tynemouth Book Fair Weekend 4th and 5th August: Paper Jam Comics Collective: Get North Family Expo We’ll be bringing the Comics Robot Go to St James’s Park as part of the Great Exhibition of the North. Saturday 28nd July: Exchange Free Range Myself, Britt and Alex will be DJing at…

  • Comics Robot Go!

    Comics Robot Go!

    This is a Comics Panel Drawing Robot i’ve built for the Maker Faire 2018 and Paper Jam Comics Collective. Music in the video is by Mister Fusty The Paper Jam Comics Collective presence at the Maker Faire was really well received. We were awarded a Maker of Merit ribbon – these are awarded to Makers…

  • Bad Decisions

    Bad Decisions

    This was my submission for the Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology Bad Decisions …and that. I think we can all agree that some questionable creative choices have been made here. Lacking inspiration, I called the above mess ‘Something Something Fish Quotas’ I did a little design work for the cover of the Comic (which was…

  • Some keys to Plato’s cave

    Some keys to Plato’s cave

    (and the goths who live there) I’ve been writing and drawing comics over the last few years, sometimes I think a bit about that. …and one of the things I think is that there is sometimes a tendancy, when deciding what a prop or background character looks like to go for the platonic archetypal ideal…

  • Horror Comics panel at Hi Ex

    Horror Comics panel at Hi Ex

    Horror Comics panel at Hi Ex Last weekend, I attended Hi-Ex. I’ll write about it’s wonders more generally shortly (which are already very well documentedelsewhere). This post is specifically about the Horror Comics panel on the Saturday afternoon. These people took the stage: Al Ewing, writer of Judge Dredd, Zombo and Desolation Stationfor 2000AD Charlie Adlard, artist on The Walking Dead John Higgins,…