Words + Pictures where Time = Space

Perception at TEDx, 18th May 2013

Hosted by The Lit and Phil.

This talk was given by Paul Thompson at TEDx at the The Lit & Phil,
in Newcastle upon Tyne on May 18th 2013.

The theme was Perception, and the talk attempted to address this in three ways:

Firstly, by demonstrating how the layout of the page and panels could control the perception of time on the page, displaying cause and effect simultaneously.

Secondly, how minimalism and abstraction can create a sense of both empathy and otherness.

Finally, by using examples specifically about outsiders, aliens, ghosts, characters with altered bodies,
altered perceptions of their realities or comics set in worlds the reader is not intended to fully understand.
Primarily these are Weird Tales, Ghost Stories or comics involving some level of body horror. Or, more importantly, Calvin and Hobbes

Introduction – Anatomy Lesson

Empathy and Otherness

Comics with Various Levels of Realistic Rendering

Comics with Abstract Art, Language and Otherness

Comics using a Clear Line style to achieve Empathy

Some other Good examples of Noir/Horror

Time and Space in Comics

Comics about Outsiders and Perception

Comics about being Not Human

  • Duncan the Wonder Dog, by Adam Hines
  • Swamp Thing – Anatomy Lesson, written by Alan Moore, art by Steve Bissette and John Totleben
  • Zombo, written by Al Ewing, art by Henry Flint
  • We3, written by Grant Morrison, art and Frank Quitely
  • All Star Superman, written by Grant Morrison, art and Frank Quitely

Recommended Reading